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Slicing Gambatesa's Bakery Bread

The woman slicing the loaf of Gambatesa's bread is Zia Vittoria Abiuso.  People always slice bread this way in Gambatesa (they do not put the loaf on the table to slice it) -- It is not easy to slice bread this way: I tried but I could not do it.  Zia Vittoria's husband was the bread baker Nicola Concettini.

Bread Slicing, Gambatesa, 45 KB

Half-slices of bread may be served to guests as a snack with cheese and sausages and wine.

Bread and cheese, Gambatesa, 41 KB

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso, 19 and 21 July 2007.

In Camden, New Jersey, Giovanni Valente's wife Nunziata di Renzo used to use Ceresota Flour. The illustration is from the Ceresota bag. The way the little boy is slicing the bread is the way Giovanni Valente used to slice bread, his daughter Lydia said.

Ceresota Flour bag, Camden, 20 KB

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