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Nicola Concettini, Baker, Gambatesa

Nicola Concettini was the husband of Zia Vittoria Abiuso.  He was descended from the first Concettini in Gambatesa.

Nicola Concettini, Gambatesa, 36 KB

The old bakery of Nicola Concettini is known as Forno dietro gli orti, it being located in Via Dietro gli orti ("Road Behind the Vegetable Gardens").  Dietro gli orti is a contrada ("district") in the southeast of the village of Gambatesa, between Via San Nicola and Via Appulo-Sannitica.  The photograph above of Nicola was taken near there, and the example of Gambatesa's daily bakery bread was made there.

Forno dietro gli orti, Gambatesa, 25 KB

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso, 23 July 2007 at 13:26 hrs.

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