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The Center of the Village of Gambatesa

The road that enters the village from the west is Strada Statale No. 17 (Appulo-Sannita).  This used to be the main road between the City of Campobasso and the City of Foggia.  The large Cross near the altitude number 460 (meters = 1,509 feet) is the Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo.
  Note: this small map shows the true north-south orientation of the village; the larger map below has been rotated about 45 degrees toward the east: Corso Roma in fact runs southeast to northwest.

Overview map of the town center of Gambatesa, 5 KB

The street map below is based on Italian maps of 1927 and 1939: Comune di Gambatesa, Provincia di Campobasso Foglio No. 28, published by the Direzione Generale del Catasto e dei Servizi Tecnici Erariali ("General Directorate of the Cadastre [i.e. the real estate tax registry] and Revenue Technical Services").

Street map of the town center of Gambatesa, 54 KB

The cross on the building at Largo del Castello (5) indicates the Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo, to the southeast of which is Gambatesa's castle.

Corso Roma becomes Piazza Vittorio Emanuele where it fronts Largo Castello, and once past Via Municipio it becomes Via del Littorio (10) which curves to the east and runs into Via San Nicola.

At the eastern end of Via Municipio lies Gambatesa's Casa comunale; going off to the southeast from Via Municipio are the two blocks of Rampa Municipio (9) which runs into Via San Nicola.

Via Carminale (4) has two parts: di Sopra ("above", i.e. toward the top of the hill) and di Sotto ("below").  There are many references to both Via Carminale di Sopra and Via Carminale di Sotto in the Civil Register.

Toward the southern end of Via San Nicola are the Church and Cross of San Nicola (11), indicated by the cross on the building with an apse.

The district (contrada) southwest of San Nicola is named dietro gli Orti ("Behind the vegetable gardens").  It is often mentioned in the Civil Register.

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