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Corso Roma, Gambatesa

Corso Roma, Gambatesa, 23 KB

An old postcard photograph of Corso Roma ("Rome Avenue") in the village of Gambatesa, circa 1960, which belonged to Nunziata DiRenzo.

Nunziata DiRenzo's younger brother, Antonio DiRenzo (1910-1987), who had left Gambatesa for America in 1922, returned for a visit with his son-in-law Salvatore Borsellino (1930-2006, born in Cattolica Eraclea, Sicily) in 1974.  People recognized Antonio, and he said to someone: "The streets are so narrow.  They used to be wider."  That was how he remembered them.  But someone said: "No, the streets used to be narrower.  They're wider now because we removed the marciapiedi (sidewalks)."

Corso Roma used to be called Corso Carminaro, and in dialect it is still called u Carmenare.  The address "16 Corso Carminaro Gambatesa" stated on Pasqualina DiRenzo's ship passenger arrival record, 9 October 1920, refers to Corso Roma.

Postcard of the Corso Roma, Gambatesa, 32 KB

In the left foreground is Largo Fontana, and therefore the right foreground is Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.  The first street to the left is Viale Vittorio Veneto.  [Street map of the village center of Gambatesa]  This photograph is a view of Corso Roma from the southeast looking to the northwest.

Written above the doorway on the viewer's right is the word Salone, and above that are the English words "Barber Shop".  The poster to the right of the shop doorway is titled Vita Italiana.  The back of this postcard has only the words "Gambatesa - Corso Roma" stamped in blue ink; there is no indication of what event this photograph may have recorded.

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