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Zio Angelo Abiuso's Street in Gambatesa

The street where my great-uncle, Angelo ABIUSO (b. 1917), the brother of Donato Abiuso (1906-1998), lives.

Angelo Abiuso's street in Gambatesa, 43 KB

There is a staircase just beyond the portal on the right, and that is where my great-uncle lives.  He was lucky that before the houses were electrified the street lamp shined into his house, so that he was able to read in the evenings.  But not very many people now live on this street, although a few come in the summer, because most of the houses are small and dark.

Angelo Abiuso of Gambatesa, 31 KB

Angelo Abiuso of Gambatesa,

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), August 2004 (street), 22 July 2007 (Zio Angelo).

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