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Valente Children in 1931

... in the backyard of the house of Giovanni Valente and Nunziata DiRenzo at 337 Berkley Street, Camden, New Jersey, September 1931.

The six Valente children shown in the photograph are: at the far left Vittoria Donata (b. 1925), who has written her name "Dolly" (derived by her mother from "Donata"; her father always called her "Vittoria") in white on the wooden fence (far right); to her right is her older sister Carmina (1921-1998) with their sister Esther (1930-1994).  Next to Carmina and Esther is Angelina Serafina (1928-2013) who is biting her fingernail.  In the front row the little scowling boy with his hands together and dirty knees is Antonio Valente (1929-2007).  The tallest boy in the back (on the right) is Giuseppe (1923-1986).

Children of Giovanni Valente and Nunziata DiRenzo, Camden, 1931, 36 KB

Numbered outline sketch of the photograph above, 4 KB

1. Vittoria Valente
2. Carmina ("Millie") Valente
3. Esther Valente
4. Angelina Valente
5. Giuseppe (Joseph) Valente
6. Antonio Valente
7. Filomena Iacovelli (1925-2012)
8. Giuseppina Iacovelli (b. 1929)
9. Michele Iacovelli (1928-2015)
10. Giovanni Verderosa (1924-1978)
11. Giuseppe Verderosa (1928-2003)
12. Luigi Giorgi (1928-1993)
13. Antoinetta Giorgi (1929-2007)

The other children in the photograph belong to Nunziata DiRenzo's sisters.  They are, from the right, Filomena Iacovelli and her younger sister Giuseppina; the boy next to Filomena is Luigi Giorgi, and next to him is Giuseppe Verderosa; the boy turning to look at Giuseppe Verderosa is Michele Iacovelli.  Standing to Giuseppe Valente's right (viewer's left) is Giovanni Verderosa; the little girl standing between Angelina Serafina Valente and Michele Iacovelli is Antoinetta Giorgi.

Image Source: photograph taken by Nunziata DiRenzo's brother Antonio DiRenzo (1910-1987).

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