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The Children of Giovanni Valente and Nunziata DiRenzo

Giovanni VALENTE (7 December 1887 - 11 December 1969) and Nunziata DiRENZO (14 April 1897 - 11 May 1983) were both born in the village of Gambatesa in the Region of Abruzzo e Molise, Province of Molise (Now the Province of Campobasso, Region of Molise), Italy.  Immigration to the City of Camden, Camden County, New Jersey: Giovanni 9 December 1911, Port of Philadelphia; Nunziata 21 July 1913, Port of New York (Ellis Island).  Marriage: 12 September 1914 at Our Lady of Mt Carmel RC Church, City of Camden, Camden County, New Jersey.  Both died in Cooper Hospital in the City of Camden and are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, Camden County, New Jersey.

- Their Children (11 of 17 were born alive) -

Note: for living children, only the name and year of birth is given.  For want of death records the six children who were born dead are not included.

1.  Nicola Natale [Nicholas] Valente
     b. 25 DEC 1916 on Taylors Avenue in the City of Camden, Camden County, New Jersey.
  Named for his father's father Nicola Valente (1853-1939) and for Christmas Day (Natale)
     d. 21 NOV 2000 at West Jersey Hospital - Voorhees, Camden County, New Jersey.  Buried at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery (Plot N 11237) in Arneytown, Burlington County, New Jersey.

Nicholas and Louis Valente, 12 KB

Nicholas Valente and
his younger brother Louis

2.  Luigi [Louis] Valente
     b. 2 NOV 1919 on Senate Street in the City of Camden, Camden County, New Jersey.
  Named for his mother's brother Luigi di RENZO (1895-1912) who drowned 3 months after coming to America
     d. 23 OCT 1950 at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Camden, New Jersey.  Buried at Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, Camden County, New Jersey, with his mother, father and younger brother Joseph.

Louis Valente, circa 1939, 9 KB

Louis Valente, circa 1939

Photographs. At the New York World's Fair of 1939 with his Aunt Pauline. And the wedding of Louis Valente to Harriet Densten in 1949, showing all the children of Giovanni Valente and Nunziata DiRenzo except Joseph Valente. Obituary in the Camden Courier Post.

Millie and Esther Valente, 1931, 7 KB

Millie Valente and her sister Esther at 337 Berkley Street, Camden, September 1931.
Photograph by their Uncle Antonio DiRenzo (1910-1987)

3.  Carmina [C. Mildred] Valente
     b. 19 DEC 1921 in Camden, New Jersey
  Named for her father's mother Carmina IACOVELLI (1855-1911/14).  She choose the name "Millie" for herself when enrolling in school (before her father could call her Carminùcc[ia]); "Mildred" was later assigned to her by a school teacher
     d. 25 JUN 1998.  Buried from Queen of Heaven RC Church, Cherry Hill, Camden County, New Jersey; interred at Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, beside her sister Esther

Photograph of six Valente children in 1931 with seven of their maternal cousins, at 337 Berkley Street, Camden.  (This is the complete version of the photograph above.)

Millie Valente's Rutgers University Degree, article in RCA Family from June 1974.

4.  Giuseppe Antonio [Joseph] Valente
     b. 7 DEC 1923 at 2 AM at 337 Berkley Street, Camden, New Jersey, to Giovanni Valente, 36, laborer, and Annunziata DI RENZO, 26, both resident at 337 Berkley, her fifth child, fourth now living; silver nitrate was used as a preventive for ophthalmia neonatorum, by Elisa VALERIANI, midwife, 259 Spruce, Street, Camden
[Source: his birth certificate]
  Named for his mother's father Giuseppe Antonio di RENZO (1876-1943)

Joseph Valente, c. 1943, 10 KB

Joseph Valente,
circa 1943-1944,
PVT United States
Army, cook.
From Esther
Valente's photo
album, 1940s.

Joseph Valente, 1930s, 9 KB

Joseph Valente,
late 1930s,
Royden Street,


Army of the United States Honorable Discharge

3 MAR 1946 at Separation Center, Camp Atterbury, Indiana.
Name: Valente Joseph A;
Army Serial No.: 32 758 877; Grade: PFC; Arm or Service: INF; Component: AUS; Organization: Co K 157th INF 45th DIV; Permanent Address: 520 Mickle St, Camden, NJ; height: 5 feet, 8 inches; Civilian Occupation and No.: BAKERS HELPER 6-02.910

Military History: Date of Induction: 27 APR 1943; Date and Place of Entry into Active Service: 4 MAY 1943, Camden, NJ; Registered with Selective Service, Local Board 10; Military Occupational Speciality and No.: COOK 060; Military Qualifications: Rifle M; Battles and Campaigns: ROME-ARNO; Decorations and Citations: American Theater Ribbon; EAME Theater Ribbon W/1 Bronze Star; Good Conduct Medal; Victory Medal WORLD WAR II; Immunized for: tetanus, smallpox and typhoid; Highest Grade Held: PFC; Total Length of Service:

Continental Service: 2 YEARS, 1 MONTH, 13 DAYS
Foreign Service: 0 YEARS, 8 MONTHS, 17 DAYS

Service Outside Continental U.S. and Return
Date of Departure Destination Date of Arrival
4 OCT 1943 NATO 21 OCT 1943
8 DEC 1943 ETO 10 DEC 1943
2 JUN 1944 US 20 JUN 1944

Reason for Separation: Reduction of the Army; Service Schools Attended: Cooks and Bakers School, Camp Atterbury, Indiana; Education: Grammar School 5 Years; Mustering Out Pay: $300; Travel Pay: $37.70; Intention to Continue National Service Insurance, Monthly Premium $6.50; Remarks: ERC from 27 APR 43 thru 3 MAY 43, ASR Score (2 September 45) 42; Right Thumb Print and Signature Recorded

[Source: the document itself.]

Army of the United States Qualification Record

Military Occupational Assignments: 3 months PVT, 18 months PFC; Title: COOK -- Served as a COOK with an infantry company in the European Theater; cooked and seasoned such foods as meats, gravies, vegetables, and pastries in accordance with military methods; opened and maintained Army field ranges; Civilian Education: Highest Grade Completed: 5; Year Left School: 1940; Civilian Occupations: BAKER HELPER -- Marchion's [correct spelling: MARCHIONE] Bakery 3939 Morton [correct spelling: MARLTON] Pike, Merchantville NJ 1940-1942; weighed bread dough before baking to get correct weight; worked in small retail bakery; has helped to load and unload ovens; greased pans

[Source: the document itself.]

Grave of Joseph Valente, WW2 US Army veteran, 29 KB Grave of Joseph Valente, US Army veteran's medallion, 35 KB

  d. 25 FEB 1986 at 11:45 PM at Veterans Administration Center, Brack Ex, New Castle County, Delaware; age 62; Social Security Number: 140-12-3863; usual Occupation: MAINT. RCA CORP.
[Source: his death certificate]
  Buried by Schetter Funeral Home, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, from Queen of Heaven RC Church, Cherry Hill; interred 1 MAR 1986 at Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, with his parents and his brother Louis


5.  Vittoria Donata Valente
     b. 1925
  Named for her mother's mother Maria Vittoria d'ALESSANDRO (1874-1955) and the St. Daniel to whom her mother Nunziata had prayed to cure her daughter Carmina (Millie) of the whooping cough

6.  Angelina Serafina Valente
     b. 14 MAR 1928 in Camden, New Jersey
  Named for her father's grandmothers: Angela CONTENTO (1835-1895) and Serafina PUDETTI (1820-1893)
     d. 1 OCT 2013. Buried from Saint Simon Stock (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) Church, Berlin, New Jersey; interred at Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, beside her sister Esther

Angeline Valente Jordan, circa 1939, 20 KB

Angeline (Angie) Valente, circa 1939

7.  Antonio [Anthony] Valente
     b. 10 JUN 1929 in Camden, New Jersey
     d. 25 JUL 2007

Anthony Valente, circa 1939, 15 KB

Anthony Valente, circa 1939. A few family history stories about Tony.

8.  Carmelina Ester [C. Esther] Valente
     b. 16 JUL 1930 at 337 Berkley Street, Camden, New Jersey, to Giovanni Valente, resident at 337 Berkley St, and Annunziata DI RENZO.  Attendant at birth: Elisa VALERIANI, midwife
[Source: her birth certificate]
  Her godmother was Grace (maiden name FANELLI) IACOVELLI (1899-1996)
     d. 25 AUG 1994. Buried from Queen of Heaven RC Church, Cherry Hill, New Jersey; interred at Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, beside her sister Millie

Esther Valente in Kindergarten, 13 KB

Above: Esther Valente in Kindergarten.  Central Annex, 4th and Benson Streets, Camden, New Jersey.  This is the earliest photograph Esther had of herself.  It was given to her by the boy who was standing next to her, John Fanelli.  Esther glued this photograph to a page of a photo album she made in the 1940s.

9.  Maria Dora Valente
     b. 8 SEP 1931
  "Dora" was the name of the twin who was dead at birth; her body was buried outside the gates of Calvary Cemetery because the baby was unbaptized
     d. 12 FEB 2013. Buried from Holy Child Parish at St. Teresa's Catholic Church, Runnemede, New Jersey; interred at Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, with her husband Gennarino MACCHIAROLA and their youngest daughter Pina Di SALVATORE

10.  Lydia Valente
      b. 1933

11.  Natalina Anne Valente
      b. 23 DEC 1934
  Named for the nearness of her birth to Christmas Day (Natale)
     d. 20 MAY 2020 in Stuart, Florida. Buried with her husband Joseph A. WARNER in Calvary Cemetery, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Natalina Valente, a photograph by her uncle Antonio DiRenzo (1910-1987), 19 KB Natalina Valente, photo-booth print, 19 KB

On the back of the photograph to the right is handwritten: "Natalie Valente | 520 Mickle St. | Camden, N.J. | Phone C-5176-J

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