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Ship Passenger Manifest for Donato Valente


List No. 34

Required by the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, under Act of Congress approved March 3, 1893, to be delivered to the Commissioner of Immigration by the Commanding Officer of any vessel having such passengers on board upon arrival at a port in the United States.

S.S. DUCA DI GALLIERA sailing from NAPOLI,23 MAR 1903 190__
Arriving at Port of „NEW YORK”, April 7 1903

 1  No. on List.  15
 2  NAME IN FULL.  Valente Donato
 3  Age. Yrs. Mos.  18
 4  Sex.  M
 5  Married or Single.  s
 6  Calling or Occupation.  farmer
 7  Able to Read Write  no
 8  Nationality.  Italian
 9  Last Residence.  Gambatesa
10  Seaport for landing in the United States.
  New York
11  Final destination in the United States.  (State, City or Town).
  Philadelphia  Pa
12  Whether having a ticket to such final destination.
13  By whom was passage paid.  by him
14  Whether in possession of money, if so, whether more than $13 and how much if $30 or less.
15  Whether ever before in the United States, and if so, when and where.
16  Whether going to join a relative, and if so, what relative, their name and address.
  Uncle Buccilli Carmine at Phila. 727 So 7th St
17  Ever in Prison or Almshouse or supported by charity.  If Yes, state which.
18  Whether a Polygamist.  no
19  Whether under Contract, express or implied, to labor in the United States.
20  Condition of Health. Mental and Physical.
21  Deformed or Crippled, Nature and Cause.

Arrived [Steamships].

SS Duca di Galliera, (Ital.,) Motta, [Sailed from] Genoa, March 21, and Naples, 23d, with mdse. and passengers to Bolognesi, Hartfield & Co.  Arrived at the Bar at 12:30 P. M.

Source: The New York Times, 7 April 1903

Four Other Passengers from Gambatesa
from the same manifest page as Donato Valente

No. 16, Abiuso Pasquale, age 38, married, farmer, with $34, going to join: brother in law F.sco DiRenzo, Philadelphia, 737 So. 7th St.

No. 17, Abiuso Saverio, son of no. 16, age 13, farmer, with $--, going to join: uncle F.sco DiRenzo, Philadelphia, 737 So. 7th St.

No. 23, Di Renzo Pasquale, age 26, married, farmer, with $15, going to join: Cousin DiRenzo Francesco, Philadelphia, 737 So. 7th St.

No. 25, Iadarola Michele, age 36, married, [the word "farmer" is written over the original word "peasant"], with $12, going to join: Uncle Carmine Buccelli, Philadelphia, 727 So. 7th St.

Note: it is possible that no. 23 is the Pasquale di Renzo, railroad foreman, 517 S. 3 Street, [Camden] City, who was the second witness when Giuseppe DiRenzo petitioned for naturalization in 1924.  That Pasquale di Renzo was born in 1877.

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication T 715, Roll 337, Page 34

Duca di Galliera, steamship of La Veloce Line, 35 KB

The S.S. Duca di Galliera, commissioned in 1883,
was a steamship of La Veloce Line.

The Duca di Galliera was acquired second-hand by La Veloce in about 1887.  It was over 4,000 tons.  La Veloce's funnels were yellow with a red star, or, at one time, black with a red star.  (North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, Prescot: 1955, pages 434-435)

Image Source: based on a photograph courtesy of the Peabody Museum of Salem in Michael J. Anuta's Ships of Our Ancestors (Baltimore: 1983), page 85.

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