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Documents from the life of Pasquale Di Renzo of Gambatesa, Italy, and Camden, New Jersey

  m. = married (sposò)
  b. = born (nacque)
  d. = died (morì)
  # = number (numero)

The source for the Italian documents is microfilm copies of civil registers held in the State Archives of the Province of Campobasso.

The Birth of Pasquale Di Renzo

Gambatesa on the map of Italy, 2 KB
Gambatesa is a village in central southern Italy between Naples and Rome.

Pasquale di RENZO
  b. 8 MAR 1877 at 1:30 AM nella casa posta in Via Serrone #31, to Luigi, age 41, contadino, and Maria Giuseppa MASUCCI sua moglie, contadina, seco lui convivente
  Birth reported 9 MAR 1877 at 7:30 AM in the Casa comunale of Gambatesa by Luigi di RENZO to Giuseppe FERRARA Sindaco
  The testimoni were Pasquale TIRRO, 69, falegname, and Giuseppe GALLO, 37, contadino
  Signed only by the sindaco, essendo gli altri analfabeti

[Gambatesa Nati 1877 #48]

The Marriage of Pasquale Di Renzo

Married 10 MAR 1901 at 10:30 AM nella Casa Comunale di Gambatesa by Domenico ROTONDO Assessore delegato

• Pasquale Di RENZO, age 24, contadino, born in Gambatesa, figlio del fu Luigi, residente in vita a Gambatesa, e di Maria Giuseppa MASUCCI, residente in Gambatesa

• Maria Luisa MONFORTE, 23, contadina, born in Gambatesa, figlia di Giuseppantonio, e di Maria Vittoria GAUDELLI, both resident in Gambatesa

The testimoni were Giuseppe IADAROLA, 48, contadino, and Giuseppe PORCARO, 38, contadino

Al suddetto matrimonio ha prestato il suo consenso la madre dello sposo .... Signed only by Pasquale di RENZO and by the assessore delegato, essendo gli altri analfabeti

[Gambatesa Matrimoni 1901 #8]

The Marriage of Pasquale Di Renzo's Parents

Married 28 MAR 1876 at 8 AM nella Casa comunale di Gambatesa

• Luigi di RENZO, age 40, contadino, born in Gambatesa, figlio del fu Pasquale, e della fu Fiorenza IADAROLA, both resident in vita a Gambatesa

• Maria Giuseppa MASUCCI, age 23, contadina, nata in, esposta in Tufara, residente in Gambatesa, figlia di genitori ignoti

The marriage document was not signed by Luigi di RENZO

[Gambatesa Matrimoni 1876 #3]

To the wedding bann of 22 FEB 1876 was attached l'atto di morte di Elisabetta REGINA già moglie di Luigi di RENZO. Maria Giuseppa MASUCCI is described as: figlia di ignoti genitori.

[Gambatesa Pubblicazioni 1876 #3]

(Note: birth records from Tufara from before 1866 are not available on microfilm)

The Marriage of Pasquale Di Renzo's Grandparents

Solenne promessa 28 JAN 1819 at 16 hours nella casa comunale. Marriage in the Parish of Gambatesa 1 FEB 1819.

• Pasquale Giuseppe di RENZO, age 19, contadino, figlio minore di Giovanni, age 47, contadino, e di Antonia GARGISO, age 43, contadina, all domiciled in Gambatesa

• Gerafina Fiorenza IADAROLA, age 22, tessitrice, figlia del fu Raimondo (died 17 MAY 1802), e di Donata GIORGIO, age 59, dell'istessa professione, all domiciled in Gambatesa

S. di C. di Pasquale Giuseppe di RENZO

Atto di Nascita
  Pasquale Giuseppe di RENZO
b. 5 DEC 1799 to Giovanni, and Antonia GARGISO, spouses of Gambatesa. Nel sud.o giorno ... ad ore nove della notte anteced.e nacque ... un infante ... il quale per l'imminente pericolo di morte fu battezzato in casa da Anna Rosa di RENZO, levatrice approvata di d.a Terra .... perché sopravisse, fu nel medessimo giorno portato in q.a Chiesa Arciprete di S. Bartolomeo Ap[ostolo] .... io sottoscritto sacerd.e Ferdinando d'ALESANDRO ... ho supplito la sacra cerimonia ... secondo la forma del Rituale Romano.

Atto di Nascita
  Gerafina Fiorenza IADAROLA
b. 21 FEB 1795.   La commadre è stata Angela IADORALA, figlia delli qq.m Marino, e Girolama VACCA, conjugi di detta Terra [di Gambatesa]

Atto di Morte
  Raimondo IADAROLA
d. 17 MAY 1802, age 42, figlio qq.m Marino, e Girolama VACCA, conjugi di Fragneto, marito di Donata MASTROGIORGIO

[Gambatesa Matrimoni 1819 #1, Processetti 1819 #1]

[Special Note: through Giovanni di RENZO Pasquale di RENZO was related to Nunziata DiRENZO.]

The World War One Draft Registration Card of Pasquale Di Renzo

Serial Number: 2971 | Order Number: 1934

• First and Last names: Pasquale DiRenzo
• Permanent Home Address:
    212 Mickle St Camden, N.J.
• Age in Years: 41
• Date of Birth: March 8 1877
• Race: White
• U.S. Citizen[ship]: Alien: Declarant [of intention to become a U.S. citizen]
• If not a citizen of the U.S., of what nation are you a citizen or subject:
      J W S
• Present Occupation: Grocer
• Employer's name: Pasquale DiRenzo
• Place of Employment or Business:
      202 Mickle St Camden N.J.
• Nearest Relative:
      Name: Mary DiRenzo
      Address: 212 Mickle St. Camden N.J.
• Registrant's signature or mark:
      Pasquale Di Renzo
• Description of Registrant:
      Height: Short
      Build: Stout
      Eyes: Dark
      Hair: Dark
• Signature of Registrar: Thos. Cunningham
• Date of Registration: Sep- 12th 1918

Stamp of Local Board:
Local Board for Division No. 1
City of Camden, New Jersey

Note: the handwriting of this document, except for the registrant's signature, belongs to the registrar.

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication M1509, Roll NJ18

The Family of Pasquale Di Renzo in the 1930 U.S. Census

15th Census of the United States: 1930 -- Population Schedule

New Jersey, Camden County, Camden City, 3rd Ward, E.D. 4-14, Sheets 5B and 6A. Answers were to reflect the individual's status as of April 1, 1930

556 So 3rd Street

Family Name First Name Census Data
DiRenzo Pasquale (6) head of household, (7) house owned, not rented, (8) value of house: $6500; (13) age at last birthday: 52, (14) married, (18) place of birth: Italy; (22) year of immigration to the United States: 1903, (23) naturalized citizen, (25) occupation: retail merchant, (26) industry: grocery store, (28) whether at work yesterday (or the last regular working day): yes; (30) not a U.S. military veteran
Mary L. (6) relationship to head of household: wife; age 51; year of immigration: 1906
Joseph son, age 20, occupation: none
Daniel son, age 19 or 14, occupation: none

Note: the last line is too light to read: the name and age for the last child are merely possible readings.

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication T626, Roll 1320

Two More Documents

Pasquale Di Renzo may have arrived in America on 7 April 1903 aboard the SS Duca di Galliera with Donato Valente. That Pasquale Di Renzo was a 26 years old, married farmer from Gambatesa, sailing from Naples to New York, with a final destination of Philadelphia (See no. 23 on Donato Valente's manifest page). The 1930 U.S. Federal Census gives 1903 as the year of Pasquale's immigration to the United States.

Pasquale Di Renzo was the second witness when Giuseppe DiRenzo (1876-1943) petitioned for naturalization in 1924.

Family Stories

Pasquale Di Renzo had two sons and a daughter. One of his sons had an illness that kept him in his bedroom for the whole thirty years of his life; he never left the room (he was hidden "because in those days that was what you did" or maybe he had paralysis). Zio Pasquale's wife Maria Luisa (Monforte) looked after their son all those years. "People said that she was scatterbrained, but she had a lot of worry." (As is the Italian custom, Pasquale was called zio, roughly "uncle", either because he was an older relative or just because he was a family friend.)

Vittoria Valente remembered that Zio Pasquale (Zi' Pasqual') was always very nice when she went into his grocery store on 3rd Street. Her mother Nunziata DiRenzo, who was related to Pasquale, was friends with Pasquale's wife Maria Luisa. When she went to the store, Nunziata used to go upstairs to see Pasquale's son. Nunziata did not shop at the grocery story at 4th and Berkley Streets (which was just down the street from her house but where the prices were too high) but at Zio Pasquale's store four blocks away; then she would visit her sister Pasqualina who lived at 3rd and Royden Streets. The Valente family owed Pasquale Di Renzo $100 in credit, a great deal of money in those days, but the money was eventually paid back when the oldest Valente children began working.

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