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Gambatesa - Colle Serrone

The Italian word colle means either "hill" or "pass".  Via Serrone lies along the ridge of a hill and below this hill is the fondo valle ("bottom of the valley").  This is the historical route between the plains of Puglia and the highlands of Molise and Abruzzo.  It was the path of the tratturo ("sheep trail"), long before there was a lake created by damming the Fortore River.

Colle Serrone, Gambatesa, 35 KB

On the far right side of the photograph, on the other side of the lake in Puglia, is faintly visible a village, either San Marco la Catola or Celenza Valfortore, both of which are in the Province of Foggia.  [Map showing Gambatesa and some nearby villages and Lago d'Occhito.]

"It must be San Marco, according to the map and the picture.  Celenza must be on the left of San Marco.  I rembember that when I was a little boy my grandfather Francesco Valente used to tell me all the villages you can see from Gambatesa at night time.  San Marco was on his list I think."

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), August 2004

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