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Altitude - Via Serrone

The village of Gambatesa is built on the spine of a hill, on tufo.  It is on many levels, and the distance from the top of Via Serrone (460 m. [1,500 feet]) to the valley bottom below (206 m. [675 feet]) results in a real feeling of height when looking toward Lago d'Occhito or toward Salandra, Vipera and Piana delle Noci.

The slope of Via Serrone: 460 m. descending to 422 m. [1,510 ft - 1,385 ft].  The valley itself descends from 235 m. to 206 meters [770 ft - 675 ft].  [Map showing part of the northern territory and the village center of Gambatesa]

From the heights of Via Serrone looking downwards, 39 KB

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), August 2004

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