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Sacred Places - San Giovanni Eremita da Tufara

Devotion to Blessed John the Eremite of Tufara (1084-1170) is very strong in his native village in Molise.  There are places in Tufara made holy by the memory of the man known there as San Giovanni.

Stairs to the house of San Giovanni, Tufara, 30 KB

The steps to the right lead from San Giovanni's family house, which is now a chapel dedicated to him, to the center of the village of Tufara.  Notice the tufo ("sandstone") in the corner, on which the house rests.

The story is told that the people of Tufara told San Giovanni that there was no water and so Giovanni made a hole in the rock and water came from it.  The source is the dark hole in the far wall.

Source of San Giovanni, Tufara, 36 KB

Impress of San Giovanni, Tufara, 9 KB

There is an impression in the stone below the source which is said to be of San Giovanni's knee.

Bread made with water from San Giovanni's source stays fresh for months: rolls not go moldy after a few days if made with this water.

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso, 17 July 2007 at 22 hrs.

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