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The Family Names of the Ancestors of Giovanni VALENTE (1887-1969) and Nunziata di RENZO (1897-1983), spouses of Gambatesa, Italy

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Note: only direct lines of descent are included in the lists on this page.  However, many other family names can be found by using this site's site search, or by browsing this family's Italian Civil Register Records.

Alphabetical List of the Family's
86 [90] Known SURNAMES

  The numbers to the left indicate families of the same name that cannot be demonstrated to be related.  For example, there are two distinct lines of ALTIERI, four distinct lines of IACOVELLI ...
  Names in parentheses are variant spellings.
  Names in brackets should probably, but not certainly, be included in this list.
  Where there is only one known member of a family, her given (Christian) name is added after her surname, and the link is then to her husband's family.

The Ancestors of Giovanni VALENTE

The Ancestors of Nunziata DiRENZO

The 42 [43] Family SURNAMES with Lines of Ascent (with their villages of origin)

The 44 [47] Family SURNAMES Without Lines of Ascent (with cross references)

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