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Giovanni Valente with his wife and sister, and three of his brother Michele's daughters,
Gambatesa August-September 1967

Giovanni Valente (1887-1969) and his wife Nunziata DiRenzo (1897-1983) visited Gambatesa together in August-September 1967.  Giovanni visited Gambatesa alone in 1960, and Nunziata visited Gambatesa alone in 1971.

At Michele Valente's house in Gambatesa, September 1967, 39 KB

Left to right:
  • Vittoria Valente (Giovanni Valente's sister).
  • Filomena Valente (Michele Valente's daughter, deceased).
  • Carmina Valente (Michele Valente's daughter, deceased).
  • Giovanni Valente.
  • Nunziata DiRenzo, called zia Nunziella.
  • Donata Valente (Michele Valente's daughter).
  • Domenico Farinaccio (Donata Valente's husband, deceased).
The two boys:
  • Left: Bartolomeo Paolo Mucci (grandson of Filomena Valente).
  • Right: Antonio Mucci (Bartolomeo's brother; adesso fa il vigile nel paese -- "now he is a municipal police officer in Gambatesa").

There is another photograph of Giovanni Valente at his brother Michele's house with some of Michele's children from September 1960, and there is a photograph of Carmina Valente carrying a water-pot on her head from that same year.

Photograph and identifications on this page courtesy of Bartolomeo Paolo Mucci of Gambatesa and Foggia.

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