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Giovanni Valente at his brother
Michele's house in Gambatesa,
with some of Michele's Children,
September 1960

Giovanni Valente at his brother Michele's house in Gambatesa, September 1960, 42 KB

This photograph was taken when Giovanni Valente (1887-1969) visited Gambatesa in September 1960.

From Left to right:

One of the two young men in the background may be Antonio Gallo, the one on the left.

Michele Antonio Valente and Anna Maria di Maria were married in Gambatesa in 1905; they had eight children.  Their children, from oldest to youngest: Nicola (b. 1907), Carmina (b. 1908), Donato Antonio (b. 1910), Filomena, Giovanni, Vittoria, Salvadore (1923-1992, married Lucia Tirro), and Donata.

There are two photographs of Antonio Valente and his wife Giuseppina Aitella, from 1960 and 1967.  Giuseppina died in October 2002.  There is also a photograph showing Michele Valente's daughter Carmina, from 1967.

"The tool for sifting flour hanging on the wall above Donata Valente's sister's head is called a setaccio in Italian, or, u pullice in dialect, u being the dialect equivalent of the Italian definite article il."  (Note by Angelo Abiuso)

The house where this photograph was taken, Michele Valente's farm house, no longer exists.

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