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Gambatesa - Vegetable Garden

The vegetables that Samuele Conte was growing in his garden near Bosco Chiusano.

Mr. Conte's vegetable garden, 51 KB

What is being grown. Start SW (bottom left) and go NE (top right) in the photograph. Bottom left, 1st row: cime di rapa ("turnip tops"). 2nd row: basilico ("(sweet) basil"). At the end of the 2nd row, near the olive trees: peperoni (Maybe both sweet peppers and peperoncini). 3rd row: melanzane ("egg plants"). The 4th row: peperoni, but where the row makes a U, in the middle are melanzane.

There are irrigation canals (i.e. furrows) between the rows of plants. At the Masseria Valente they were taking the water from the river; the canals between the rows went right beside the river, and there would be one that was opened (with a zappeta) and the water would go to all the canals for 1/2 hours or more, depending on the crops, flow of the river, but not for the whole day. (In Spain an irrigated garden is called a huerta.) At the Masseria Valente all the gardens were next to each other and so they could all use the same opening at the river to water all the gardens. They watered very early in the morning or in the evening, and without getting water on the leaves because the sun will burn the leaves.

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso, August-July 2009-2010 at 11:08 hrs.

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