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Margaret King (1879-1946) became the widow of Michael Angelo (Michele Angelillo), the older brother of Raffaele Angelillo.

10th Census of the United States: 1880

Schedule 1. Inhabitants in Philadelphia, in the County of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, enumerated by John W. Cann, on the 14th day of June, 1880.

Enumeration district No. 537. Page No. 43C. Lines 12-20.

2828 Oram Street

Family Name First Name Census Data
King Harry (4) white; (5) male; (6) age: 33; (10) married; (14) occupation: Potter.
Rebecca (4-6) female; white; age: 31; (8) relationship to head of this household: Wife; (10) married; (14) Housekeeper.
Chas (4-6) white; male; 12; (8) Son; (14) school; (21) attended school within the census year.
Robt (4-6) white; male; 10; (8) (14) school; (21) attended school within the census year.
Elizabeth (4-6) white; female; 9; (8) Dau; (14) school; (21) attended school within the census year.
Washington (4-6) white; male; 7; (8) Son; (14) school; (21) attended school within the census year.
Mary (4-6) white; female; 5; (8) Daugh.
Caroline (4-6) white; female; 2; (8) Dau.
Margh (4-6) white; female; 1; (8) Dau.

Further census questions: For all except Rebecca: (24) Birthplace: Penna; (25) Birthplace of father: Penna; (26) Birthplace of mother: Penna.
For Rebecca: (24) Penna; (25) England; (26) Penna. For Rebecca only: (22-23) can not read or write.

Note A.--The census year begins June 1, 1879, and ends May 31, 1880.
Note B.--All persons will be included in the Enumeration who were living on the 1st day of June. No others will. Children born since June 1, 1880 will be omitted. Members of families who have died since June 1, 1880, will be included.

Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) publication T9. National Archives Identifier: 2353572.

Notes: On Margaret Angelo's death certificate, her father is named as "Armanus" and her mother as "Rebecca née Pilling", both born in Philadelphia, as was Margaret herself. The informant for the certificate is named as "Caroline S. Read".

14th Census of the United States: 1920 - Population

State of Pennsylvania, County of Philadelphia, Name of Incorporated Place Philadelphia City, enumerated by James J. Romey on 29 February 1920.

Ward 45. Enumeration district 1712. Sheet 13A. Lines 18-21.

3326 Jasper Street

Family Name First Name Census Data
Dickersen John F. (6) Head of household; (7-8) Home owned, mortgaged; (9-12) male, white, age 39, married; (26) Kind of work: Wireman; (27) Industry: Electric Co.; (28) Wage worker.
Esther A. (6) Wife; (9-12) female, white, age 36, married; (26) None.
Comers William (6) Nephew; (9-12) male, white, age 15, single; (16) Attended school any time since 1 September 1919: yes; (26) None.
Angelo Margaret (6) Sister in law; (9-12) female, white, age 40, widow; (26) Kind of work: Weaver; (27) Industry: Rag Mill; (28) Wage worker.

Further census questions: All are (17-18) able to read and write; and (25) speak English. All were (19) born in Pennsylvania; and (21, 23) their parents were born in Pennsylvania, except John whose parents were born in England. The (20, 22, 24) mother tongue of all and of their parents was English.

Notes: Comparison with the residents of 3326 Jasper Street in the 1930 (Sheet 21A. Lines 14-15) and 1940 (Sheet 61B. Lines 51-52) Federal Censuses shows that the family name was Dickinson, not Dickersen.

Esther died 27 February 1962. Her Pennsylvania death certificate (018329-62) states that her address was 3326 Jasper Street; that her married name was Dickinson; and that her maiden name was King (her parents are named as Armonus King and Rebecca --). Esther was Margaret (née King) Angelo's younger sister, born 4 October 1882.

Margaret Angelo is not found in the 1930 or 1940 Federal Censuses (John and Esther Dickinson are not recorded as sharing their home with anyone in those years).

Margaret is found in the Social Security Death Index (no. 197-09-1653). Her birth date is stated as 25 March 1879. Her claim date was 24 February 1944. (Margaret died 31 October 1946.)

Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) publication T625.

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