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Death certificate for Margaret (King) Angelo, 31 October 1946

Margaret King was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 25 March 1879, and died there 67 years later. Her parents were Armanus ("Henry") and Rebecca (née Pilling) King. Margaret was the widow of Michael Angelo (Michele Angelillo), and they are buried together in Greenmount Cemetery, Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania Death Index, Margaret Angelo, 1946, 4 KB

Pennsylvania Death Index D-46 A-B. First name: Margaret - Last name: Angelo - County: Philadelphia - Soundex: A 524 - Unidentified category: 51 - Month, Day, Year: October 31, 1946 - Certificate of Death File No.: 89774

Death certificate for Margaret (King) Angelo, the widow of Michael Angelo (Michele Angelillo), 1946, 94 KB

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