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Maps of Greenmount Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Map of the gravesite of Michael and Margaret (King) Angelo, 11 KB

Michael Angelo (Raffaele Angelillo's older brother Michele) (1881-1916) of Sant'Angelo d'Alife, Italy, and Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, and his wife Margaret (née King) Angelo (1879-1946) of Philadelphia and Bristol Borough, are buried in Greenmount Cemetery in Philadelphia, in Section C, Lot 20 FGN ("First grave north"?). Below is Lot 20, which is about 60 feet or 20 strides from the southwest corner of Section C.

The grave is the northern-most of the (it appears from the image) 4 plots in Lot 20. The letters in the box in the northeast corner of the lot may be "H S" (for "Head Stone"), but I don't know if they are or what their meaning is.

Lot 20 of Section C, the gravesite of Michael and Margaret (King) Angelo, 3 KB

The next map is the general plan of Greenmount Cemetery. Section C is towards the top left. Its southern edge borders Wingohocking Street.

Overall plan of Greenmount Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 33 KB

Images Source: Greenmount Cemetery, 4301 N. Front Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140. (Correspondence of 27 August 2019)

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