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Bristol Daily Courier, 19 July 1919

Banner of the Bristol Daily Courier for 19 July 1919, 11 KB

Photograph of Giovanni Angelillo, n.d., 74 KB

Photograph published on 19 July 1919 on the second page of the Bristol Daily Courier, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The page has an official list of local men who saw military service.

On 24 December 1920 the same newspaper states that the Victory Medal (for service in the United States Army in The World War) was presented to Giovanni's sister Anna Angelillo (Anna Morganti), although she is misidentified there as Giovanni's mother.

Image and background source: Luca Angeli, 22 October 2015.

Bristol Daily Courier, 19 July 1919, Page 2

Page 2 of Bristol Daily Courier, 19 July 1919, 43 KB

The 19 July 1919 issue is titled "Special Welcome Home Edition | Community Today Pays Tribute to Heroes of Great World Conflict" (page 1), and there is an "Honor Roll of Those Who Gave Lives" (page 2).

The infantry company in which Giovanni Angelillo served (315th Infantry, 79th Division, Company "K") was photographed when returning to America in April 1919.

The Margaret R. Grundy Museum at 610 Radcliffe Street in Bristol Borough has holdings of the Bristol Daily Courier, September 1914 - February 1920.

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