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Death certificate for Gabriel A. Jacovone

Gabrielle Angelo Jacovone was born in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, on 13 March 1899, and died in St. Petersburg, Florida on 28 October 1943. He was the husband of Elizabeth Angelillo (1899-1965) and father of Mary Concetta Jacovone.

Although not named in the certificate, Gabriel's parents were Sylvester and Concetta Iacovone, both born in Italy.

Death certificate Gabrielle A. Jacovone, 121 KB

New Jersey Marriage Index for 1965

Gabriel Jacovone married Elvira Perticori in Pennsauken Township, Camden County, New Jersey, in November 1965, five months after the death of his first wife Elizabeth Angelillo.

New Jersey Marriage Index, 1965, for Elvira Perticori, 20 KB

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