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Elisabetta (née Angelillo) Jacovone, her husband Gabriel and their daughter Mary Concetta

These documents are for Raffaele Angelillo's youngest sister, Elisabetta. There is one difficulty, namely a ship's manifest from 1935 that records her year of immigration as 1912, because Elisabetta came to America in 1905. But otherwise, Elisabetta was born in 1899, and her married name was Jacovone, and she lived in Tullytown. Elisabetta's death certificate confirms this.

Question: where was Elisabetta's mother Maria (née Martone) Angelillo at the time of the 1930 Census? Maria did not die until October 1930 (while her husband Nicola Angelillo had died in 1920). Answer: After Nicola's death, Maria married a man named Alessandro Soave (1858-1943).

(Maria's other daughter Anna (née Angelillo) Morganti did not die until 1935. Her name is not found in the 1930 Census, but Anna was ill in the years before her death.)

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Identification of Gabriel Jacovone

In the U.S. Census

Gabriel Jacovone

Mary Concetta Jacovone

Identification of Gabriel Jacovone

Elisabetta was born 10 November 1899 in Sant'Angelo d'Alife, Italy, to Nicola Angelillo and his wife Maria Martone. She came to America in 1905 with her mother, her older sister Anna and their brother Giovanni. The family lived in Bristol Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Raffaele Angelillo (Ralph Angelo)'s wife Eleanor left behind a small brown slip envelope which contained a photograph for Raffaele's Certificate of Naturalization. On that envelope she had written in pencil: "Elisa... Iacovone". It is difficult or maybe impossible to read the first name after the first "a" (although what can be seen would be consistent with "betta" or "beth"); and the first letter of "Iacovone" could as easily be "J" as "I" because Eleanor made those letters similarly.

The reading "Jacovone" may be important because when Elizabeth replied to the U.S. War Department on her mother Maria's behalf, Elizabeth used the signature "Mrs. E. Jacovone". Maria Angelilli's address was: Box 74, Tullytown, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Index of Marriages, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Index of Marriage Licenses

Gabriele Jacovone and Elizabeth Angelilli applied for their marriage license on 3 January 1923 and were married on 8 January 1923. (File Number: 630123. Officiant Name: Isidore Jenne [parish priest of St Ann Church, Bristol Borough]. Officiant Title: Reverend. County Married: Bucks. Where married: Bristol. Book Number 63. Page Number 123.)

Unexplained is why there are two dates in the records of the Bucks County Orphans' Court for when application for marriage was made, namely 30 September 1922 and 3 January 1923 (Raffaele Angelilli and Eleanor Becker have only one date in the same record book, namely 4 June 1924). But a marriage license is valid for sixty days only, and the wedding may have been postponed.

Source: Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950, at familysearch.org, and Bucks County - Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans' Court - Marriage License Search at buckscountyonline.org.

World War II Draft Registration

The draft registration card for Gabrielle Angelo Jacovone (16 February 1942), states his birth date as 13 March 1899, names his wife as Elizabeth Iacovone, and says that he was born in Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

This is the proof positive document.

The 1910 U.S. Census Records for Silvestro Jacovone and his Family

13th Census of the United States: 1910 -- Population

Bristol Borough, 2nd Ward, E.D. 9, Sheet 17A-17B, enumerated 26th and 27th April, lines 50-54

731 Pond Street

Family Name First Name Census Data
Icavoane Sylvester (4) head of family, (5) male, (6) white, (7) age 40, (8) married, (9) number of years of Present marriage: 14; (12-14) he and his parents born in Italy; (15) year of immigration: 1900; (16) alien; (17) able to speak Italian; (18) trade or profession: Shoemaker; (19) Own Shop, (20) working on own account; (23-24) able to read and write; (26) rented house; (28) not a farm.
Conjetta wife (informant); age 38; present marriage: 14 years; (10) mother of 3 children; (11) 3 living; (12-14) she and her parents born in Italy; (15) year of immigration: 1900; (17) Italian; (23-24) not able to read or write.
Michael son; age 12; (12-14) he and his parents born in Italy; (17) able to speak English; (18) trade or profession: none; (23-24) able to read or write; (25) attended school any time since November 1, 1909: yes.
Gabriel son; age 10; (12) born in Pennsylvania; (17) able to speak English; (18) trade or profession: none; (23-24) able to read or write; (25) attended school any time since November 1, 1909: yes.
Teressa daughter; age 8; (25) attended school.

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication T624, Roll 1319.

Estimated year of birth
Sylvester: 1870
Conjetta: 1872
Michael: 1898
Gabriel: 1900
Teressa: 1902

Register of Births Bucks County, Penn'a.
Date of Record: 1902 | 12 | 18
Name of Child: Iacovone, Tacy
Female White
Name of Father: Sylvester Iacovone
Name of Mother: G. Iacovone
Residence: Bristol
Occupation of Father: Shoe maker
Date of Birth: 1902 | 8 | 24
Place of Birth: Bristol

Bucks County Register of Births, Tacy Iacovone, 64 KB

Source: Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950, at familysearch.org.


Name: Silvestro Iacovone
Age: 32
Immigration date: 31 October 1895
Immigration place: New York, New York, United States
Occupation: Shoemaker
Birthplace: Italy
Ship name: Saale
Birth year: (Estimated) 1863
Departure Port: Genoa, Gibraltar & Naples
Literacy: Unknown
Destination place: Bristol
Transit or travel: Staying in the USA
Compartment: Steerage

[Source: United States Italians to America Index, 1855-1900, at familysearch.org]

The 1930 U.S. Census Records for Gabriel Iacovone and his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Mary Concetta, Tullytown, Pennsylvania

Department of Commerce - Bureau of the Census

15th Census of the United States: 1930 -- Population Schedule

Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Tullytown, E.D. 9-73, Sheet 2B. Enumerated April 4, 1930. Answers were to reflect the individual's status as of April 1, 1930

Main Street

Family Name First Name Census Data
Iacovone Gabriel (6) head of household; (13) age at last birthday: 31, (15) age at first marriage: 24; (18) place of birth: Pennsylvania; (19-20) birthplace of mother and father: Italy; (25) occupation: laborer, (26) industry: Sand + Gravel
Elizabeth (6) wife; age 30, age at first marriage: 23; she and her parents born in Italy; year of immigration: 1912
Mary C. daughter, age 6

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication T626, Roll 2008, Tullytown Borough.


This (white) sheet is for the listing of THIRD-CLASS PASSENGERS ONLY

S.S. REX , Passengers sailing from Naples , June 6th , 1935 Arriving at Port of New York June 13th, 1935

List 14

Line 24: IACOVONE Gabriele, age 36, male, married;
Line 25: IACOVONE Concetta, age 9 years 6 months, female;
both lines stamped "U.S. CIT." with Am. Pass. 158226 issued: Wash. Dec. 12 1934.

Line 26: ANGELILLI [added: JACOVONE] Elisabetta, age 36, female, married, housew.; able to read and write: yes, what language: Italian.
  Nationality (country of which citizen or subject): Italy, Race or people: Italian So., Place of birth: Italy, S. Angelo d'Alife.
  Visa no. 1008342/1009388 issued: Wash. Nov. 27 1934.
  Last permanent address: U.S.A. Bristol Pa.
  Nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came: nobody, S. Angelo d'Alife -Benevento.
  Final destination: Pa. Bristol.
  By whom was passage paid: husband; Whether in possession ... how much: yes, (handwritten above: $300 4 Dec.)
  Whether ever before in the United States: yes, Year or period of years: 920-34, where: Pa.
  Whether going ... complete address: residence as above (For Gabriele: Bristol Pa. 243 Lafayette Str.; for Concetta: same as above)
  Height: 5 feet 3 inches; complexion: nat (as opposed to fair or dark); color of hair and eyes: chest; marks of identification: none.

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication T715, Roll 5655

Notes: Again there is the question of the year of emigration. Elizabeth's original arrival was 1905. The passenger manifest suggests 1920 (Ever before in the US? Yes, 1920-1934), but this might not have been Elizabeth's first return visit to Italy. The child Concetta's age, to be consistent with the 1930 census, would be about 11 years old; she was in fact born on 4 November 1923 and would have been 12 years old.

The 1940 U.S. Census Records for Gabriel Iacovone and his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Mary, Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania

Department of Commerce - Bureau of the Census

16th Census of the United States: 1940 -- Population Schedule

Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Bristol Borough, Ward 5, E.D. 9, Sheet 4B. Enumerated 5 April 1940. Lines 69-71. Answers were to reflect the individual's status as of 1 April 1940

925 Pear Street

Family Name First Name Census Data
Jacovone Gabriel (4) home owned or rented: R (rented); (5) monthly rent: 12; (6) not a farm; (8) head of household; (9) male; (10) white; (11) age at last birthday before 1 April 1940: 44; (12) married; (14) highest grade of school completed: 4 (Elementary school, 1st-8th); (15) place of birth: Pennsylvania; (17-19) residence on 1 April 1935: Rural (not in a city, town, village of 2600 or more), Bucks County, Pennsylvania; (21) employment status of persons 14 years or older: yes (employed); (26) if at private or nonemergency government work, number of hours worked of week of 24-30 March 1940: 40; (28) occupation: Laborer; (29) industry: Construction; (30) class of worker: pw (wage or salary worker in private work); (31) number of weeks worked in 1939 (equivalent full-time weeks): 52; (32) income for 1939 (12 months ending 31 December 1939): wages received: 1100; (33) income of more than $50 from sources other than wages or salary: No.
Elizabeth (8) relationship to head of this household: wife; female; white; age: 39; (14) 7 (Elementary school, 1st-8th); (15) place of birth: Italy; (16) citizenship: Alien; (21) employed: No; (25) engaged in home Housework.
Mary daughter; female; white; age: 15; (12) marital status: Single; (13) if attended school or college at any time since 1 March 1940: yes; (14) 6 (Elementary school, 1st-8th); (15) place of birth: Pennsylvania; (21) employed: No; (25) engaged in School.

Source: National Archives Microfilm Publication T627, Roll 3444, Bristol Borough.

Gabriel Jacovone

Social Security Death Index - Gabriel Jacovone

Name: Gabriel JACOVONE
Date of Birth: 13 March 1899
Date of Death: February 1982
Social Security Number: 166-07-0572
Number Was Issued: Pennsylvania
Death Residence & Benefit Location: St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida, 33701

Social Security Application

Application for Social Security account number, Gabriel Angelo Jacovone, circa 1936, 70 KB

Gabriel Angelo Jacovone's application for Social Security account number, circa 1936, states that his mother's maiden name was Norato.

Death Certificate - Gabriel A. Jacovone (1899-1982)

Gabriel A. Jacovone's Florida Certificate of Death [State file no. 82-017944] does not resolve this question. Gabriel's wife's name is stated there as Elvira Perticari Jacovone, and she is the informant for the certificate, but she was unable to provide the names of Gabriel's parents [And, therefore, perhaps Gabriel had remarried]. He died at the age of 82 on 26 February 1982, and is buried in Royal Palm Cemetery, 649-2nd Ave S., Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701. His occupation is stated as welder.

Notes: Gabriel's Social Security Application for Account Number would name his parents; however, it would not name his wife. [Sample Social Security application] There may -- or may not -- be an Application for Marriage License on file in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, for the above Gabriel and Elizabeth Iacovone from circa 1923. [Sample marriage license application] [When I wrote to request the marriage license application in November 2002, I was told that there is no record of a Iacovone marriage in Bucks Country. (That may be because the record is under the name Jacovone.)]


Jacovone, Gabriel A., 82, of 420 Fourth Ave. S, died Friday (Feb. 26, 1892). Born in Pennsylvania, he came here in 1965 from Camden, N.J. and was a retired welder. He was a Catholic. Survivors include his wife Elvira Jacovone. The Palms Memorial Funeral Home.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, St. Petersburg, Florida, 27 February 1982, page 33.

Maria Concetta Jacovone

Death Index - Mary C. Jacovone

Pennsylvania Department of Health
Death Index Listing
Annual 1968

Surname: Jacovone
Given Name: Mary C.
Age: 45
Date of Birth: --
Mother's Maiden Name: --
Place of death: Bristol
County of OCC: 09
Date of Death: 12/06/68
File Number: 120404
Hosp Code: 20
Residence Code: 09005

Page 1329
Date: 05/27/70

The death certificate of Mary Concetta Jacovone, 6 January 1968.

Social Security Death Index - Concetta Jacovone

Name: Concetta JACOVONE
Social Security Number: 203-18-4470
Date of Birth: 4 November 1923
Issue Year: Before 1951
Issue State: Pennsylvania
Last Residence: 19007, Bristol, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA
Death Date: December 1968

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