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Index of 1814 Marriages and 1830 births (partial) at Mülhausen, Bas-Rhin, Alsace

Mülhausen was the birthplace of Margarett (Kiehl) Becker and of her parents Johann and Marie (Peter) Kiehl.

Part of the index of births in Mülhausen in 1830, 46 KB

There were 29 births in Mülhausen, Department of Bas-Rhin, in 1930. Marguerithe Kiehl, the wife of Wilhelm Becker (1822-1901) was 12th on the alphabetical list, only part of which is shown above.

Ink stamp found at leaf 9 of the Mülhausen's births for 1830, 17 KB

Index of 1814 Marriages

Index of the marriages in Mülhausen in 1814, of which there were four, 46 KB

Source: the Civil Register in the Archives of the Département du Bas-Rhin (archives.bas-rhin.fr), Mülhausen - État civil - Registre de mariages 1814 - 4 E 307/4 - page 2, and Mülhausen - État civil - Registre de naissances 1830 - 4 E 307/2 - page 9.

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