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Donato Abiuso's House in Gambatesa

The house of Donato Luciano ABIUSO (1906-1998), my grandfather.

Most houses in the village of Gambatesa follow a pattern: there is a stalla ("stable") for the animals and farm equipment on the first floor -- This is usually quite large and dug out of the tufo ("compacted sand") which lies under the village -- and then there are rooms for the family to live on the second floor.  This pattern can be seen in the old Valente house in Via San Nicola.

But in the case of my Abiuso grandfather's house in Via Serrone, the family's doorway is indicated by the number "10" (not an American "70") on the right.  The doorway on the far left with the small window to let in light looks like it might be a stalla, but Donato used it as a storage room.  His stalla was beyond Corso Carminale (I don't know exactly where).

Donato Abiuso's house in Gambatesa, 41 KB

This is the house where my grandfather Donato lived.  But Donato and his brother Angelo Abiuso grew up with their mother Concetta in the house beyond Corso Carminale that Donato later used as a stalla.  Donato and Angelo's father died because of WW1.  He was a soldier and the trip back from the front was very tiring, far to walk, long train journeys; and their father died from exhaustion or maybe from his wounds the next day after he returned to Gambatesa from the front.

Stalle ("stables") in Gambatesa

Inside a stalla were kept chickens, pigs (There were some in the village, when it was legal to keep pigs in the village; in Via Carminale the stalle were all on one side of the street because of the smell), tools for agriculture, donkeys, horses, sacks of unmilled wheat, wine, olive oil, ropes (Farmers did not have belts for their trousers and they used ropes instead, so there are many lengths of such ropes to be found in a stalla), old clothes, shoes ... anything else the family did not want to keep in the house.  Usually the area inside a stalla is huge, carved out under the village.

During WW2 there were many refugees from Naples and some stayed in Gambatesa.  Donato Abiuso had refugees staying in his stalla.

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), August 2004

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