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Northwest Crossroads - Gambatesa

As the road map shows there are many crossroads (sing. il bivio) outside the village of Gambatesa.  This one in the northwest is marked by Michelin as a "picturesque stretch of road", at least the section from Jelsi is.  This is Strada Statale ("State Road") No. 17, the ancient Via Appulo-Sannitica, which leads through Gambatesa to the City of Foggia in Puglia.

Map showing a crossroads northwest of Gambatesa, 6 KB

The road lying south of Pietracatella and north of Jelsi and Gambatesa, SS 645 (indicated in gray), is a new road.  As an older map shows, it was not there in time of Giovanni Valente and his cousin Luca Valente, when the only road from Campobasso to Foggia was Via Appulo-Sannitica.

Photograph of a crossroads outside Gambatesa, 41 KB

Crossroads oratory, Gambatesa, 11 KB
Roadside Oratory

Straight ahead into the photograph, via Strada Statale no. 212, lie Benevento (79 km [49 miles]) and Riccia (9 km [6 miles]), and Jelsi via SS 17 (12 km [8 miles]).  About half-way to Benevento is San Marco dei Cavoti, for which there is also a road sign which reads "S.Marco dei C."

In the opposite direction lie via SS 212 Pietracatella (8 km [5 miles]) and Sant'Elia a Pianisi (15 km [9 miles]), and reached via SS 645 are the City of Campobasso (22 km [14 miles]) and Termoli (82 km [51 miles]).

As opposed to straight ahead into the photograph, to the left are the routes to Foggia (52 km [32 miles]), Tufara (12 km [8 miles]), and Gambatesa.  Some countryside belonging to the territory of Gambatesa is seen in the photograph below.

Photograph of the countryside of Gambatesa, 48 KB

The oratory is called a madunnine in dialect (la piccola Madonna), but there is maybe a different name too.  [But I must check next time: I hope it is not a gas or electricity device.]  July 2006: it is a religious shrine, but it is not the Virgin Mary inside, but someone else.

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), August 2004.

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