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"La Casa Paterna"

This is now the house of Salvatore Valente's widow Lucia Tirro.  This was the house where some of the descendents of Donato Valente and Serafina Pudetti moved some time after living on Via San Nicola.  Behind the orange and green curtain is Lucia's kitchen (no. 18a).

The Valente casa paterna, Gambatesa, 36 KB

Photograph by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva), 6 August 2002.

Lucia Tirro's house is located in Vico del Tomolo, a small street off Corso Roma, to the right when you are coming from Largo Fontana (The house is beyond Via del Forno, but before the Church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo).  If you leave Lucia's house and turn left onto Corso Roma, you are not far from Largo Fontana.  [Street map of the village center of Gambatesa]

This photograph was taken looking from Corso Roma (i.e. the avenue was behind Angelo) toward Lucia's doorway.

This was the house where Esther Valente stayed when she visited Gambatesa in 1971.  Lucia said this was because this is la casa paterna.

On the day Angelo saw her, Lucia was cleaning three large copper pots (padelle).  She no longer uses these for cooking, but she was going to decorate her kitchen with them.  They were part of Lucia's trousseau, things meant to last the whole of her married life.

The stone basin in front of the house was for water, but now Lucia grows flowers in it.  (In Gambatesa, people also use all kinds of discarded cans to grow flowers in -- like the kind they use to plant grains of wheat for Palm Sunday.)

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