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Giovanni Valente and his Nephew Salvatore, Gambatesa, September 1960

Giovanni Valente with relatives in Gambatesa, 1960, 30 KB

Directly in front of Giovanni Valente (1887-1969) is Giuseppina TRONCA, the wife of Pasquale Valente (the younger son of Giovanni's younger brother Salvadore VALENTE).  In the front row nearest the viewer are Giovanni's nephew Salvatore VALENTE and his wife Lucia TIRRO.

Note by Angelo Abiuso (Geneva): "They are inside a temporary church building, near the Municipio [Casa communale or "Town Hall"], because in 1960 San Bartolomeo Apostolo was under repair.  Once the repairs were finished the new structure was no longer used for church.  They were probably at a wedding (all together and the clothes)."

Salvatore Valente, Gambatesa 1960, 8 KB

Above: Salvatore Valente (1923-1992) was the son of Giovanni's oldest brother Michele VALENTE and his wife Anna Maria di MARIA.  Gambatesa, September 1960.

When Giovanni's daughter Esther VALENTE (1930-1994) visited Gambatesa in August 1971, she stayed in the house of Salvatore and Lucia, as did the writer of this page.

"Salvatore died because of a kind of poison he was using on the grapevines." (Angelo Abiuso)  (Sulfur powder and copper and lime solution are used against insects and fungi in grape cultivation.)

Lucia Tirro's mother Pasqualina Mucci, Gambatesa, August 1971, 30 KB

Above: Lucia Tirro's mother Pasqualina MUCCI, in Gambatesa, August 1971

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