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Childhood home of Nunziata DiRenzo - Gambatesa - Front View

Below is a photograph of the house at No. 39 Via Serrone where Nunziata DiRenzo (1897-1983) lived as a child, before she left Gambatesa for Camden, New Jersey, when she was 15 years old.

Although there was a rich family named "DiRenzo" (The earlier spelling was "di Renzo") in Gambatesa, Nunziata's family was very poor. Her father Giuseppantonio DiRenzo (1876-1943) was an only child (i.e. his parents only child to survive childhood).

Nunziata's mother, Maria Vittoria d'Alessandro (1874-1955), was an orphan who was taken off the streets at the age of six by the then owner of the Castle of Gambatesa who made her a lady's maid for his daughter Filomena (later in Ferrante).

Nunziata DiRenzo's childhood house, Gambatesa, 36 KB

The view from the stairwell (At this point Via Serrone is almost 460 meters [1,500 feet] above sea level). The view is toward the northeast, toward Puglia on the other side of Lago di Occhito.

Looking toward Puglia from Gambatesa, 25 KB

Photographs by Angelo Abiuso, 19 July 2006, 8 AM.

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