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Harry Slackway of Philadelphia,
and his Descendents

Harry SLACKWAY (1869-1959), the youngest child of Andreas and Mary Jane SCHLECTWEG, married Mary STOUT (1874-1935).  When their child Allen SLACKWAY was born on 4 January 1907, they were living at 2210 Belgrade Street, in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Harry's occupation is stated as wood & iron turner on the birth record of his son Allen.

Pennsylvania - 1910 Census

Philadelphia County, Enumeration District 734

• Harry SLACKWAY, age 40, born in Pennsylvania, lived with his wife Mary A. (born 1873 in Pennsylvania), and sons Harry E., William, George, Allen and Walter.  Daughters Fidella and Lodas.  Harry's mother-in-law was identified as Elizabeth BETTGAR (born 1847 in Pennsylvania).

Pennsylvania - 1920 Census

Philadelphia County, Enumeration District 1036

• Harry SLACKWAY, age 50, lived at 2405 Amber Street, Philadelphia.  His father was from Germany and his mother was from Ireland.  His wife and two sons Allen and William were living with him.

Ivy Hill Cemetery

1201 Easton Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dates of interment:

• Harry SLACKWAY, 23 April 1959, age 89

• Mary STOUT, 5 April 1935, age 61

LOT 913, SECTION C, Graves 1 (Harry), and 2 (Mary).
The Ivy Hill Cemetery Records for Harry and Mary (Stout) Slackway.

Summary of Harry Slackway's Family

Harry SLACKWAY -- married -- Mary STOUT

Their children:

  1. Harry E. (b. 1892) -- married -- Agnes ?
  2. William (b. 1894) -- married -- Ida YOUNG
  3. George (b. 1900) -- married -- Mary ?
  4. Allen (1907-1981) -- married -- Elizabeth WRIGHTSON (d. April 2002)
  5. Walter (b. 1909) -- married -- Wilma REUTER [b. 1912]
  6. Fidella (b. 1896) -- married -- Stanley MIRASKI [b. 1896]
  7. Lodas (b. 1899) -- married -- Albert BOWERS

Source: Nancy Poserina. Years of birth were taken from the 1910 [and 1940 (Wilma) and 1930 (Stanley)] Census.

Department of Public Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Philadelphia, PA.

D No. 111288
78371 C

Fee for this Certified Copy One Dollar

Bureau of Vital Statistics
Record of a Birth in Philadelphia
Dept. of Public Health

Full Name of Child: Albert Elmer Slackway
Color: W.  Sex: M.
Date of Birth:
 Year: 1907
 Month: Jan.
 Day: 4
Hour of Birth: 3:10 AM
Place of Birth: 2210 Belgrade St.
Father's Name: Harry.  Father's Age: 36
Mother's Name: Mary.  Mother's Age: 34
  Father's Occupation: Wood & Iron Turner
  Mother's Occupation if any: ---
Father's Birthplace: Phila.
Mother's Birthplace: Phila.
Mother's Name Before Marriage: Mary Stout
Residence of Parents: 2210 Belgrade St.  Ward: 31
  Number of Child of this Mother: 6
  Number of Children of this Mother now living: 6
  Legitimate: Yes
Name and Address of
Person Making Report:
  Signature: A. E. Smethurst, M.D.
  Residence: 2249 N. 13th St.
  Date Rec'd: Jan. 17, 1907

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a certificate of birth on file in this office.
Date: August 16, 1944
John B. Mc Cann

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Health
Vital Statistics
Certificate of Death

Place of Death:
  County: Philadelphia
  City: Philadelphia
  Street Address: 3116 Rorer St
Usual Residence: Philadelphia, Ward 80, 3116 Rorer St
Is Residence Inside Municipality Limits: Yes
Is Residence at a Farm: No
Full Name of Deceased: HARRY SLACKWAY
Date of Death: 20 April 1959
Male.  White.
Widower: Full Name of Spouse: Mary Stout
Birth Date of Deceased: 1-2-10
Age: 89 years
Birthplace: Pa.
Citizen of What Country: U.S.A.
Father's Name: ---
Mother's Maiden Name: ---
Usual Occupation: Wood Turner
Social Security No.: [blank]
Informant: Allen E. Slackway
Address: same
Cause of Death: Coronary Thrombosis
Interval Between Onset and Death: 4 months
Was Autopsy Performed: No
I hereby certify that I attended the above named deceased and that death occurred at 4:45 P.M. E.S.T., from the causes and on the date above.
Signature: Samuel C. Polcino, 619 E Allegheny Ave
Date: 20 April 1959
Burial: 23 April 1959, Ivy Hill Cemetery,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Funeral Director: HB Mulligan

Note: if the year of Harry's birth is changed from 10 to 70, then it is possible that Harry Slackway was born 2 January 1870.

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