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Filomena and Donata Valente in 1995

These photographs are from Gambatesa.  From St. Joseph's Day, March 19th, 1995, the afternoon when Giovanni Valente's daughter Lydia visited her parents' village.  Filomena and Donata are her first cousins, because they are the daughters of Giovanni's older brother Michele Valente.  Filomena has since died, but Donata is still alive.  There is a photograph from 1967 of them with their uncle Giovanni and his wife Nunziata DiRenzo.

Filomena Valente in the 1995, 30 KB

Donata Valente in the 1995, 30 KB

In the top photograph, Filomena Valente is gesturing to the photographer who would have been either her grandson or her great-grandson.  The lower photograph, the photograph of Donata Valente, is from a double-exposed film (doppia esposizione).

How Giovanni Valente's daughter Lydia came to Gambatesa.  She had a free day in Sorrento, and she and her friend Joan found a man who drove a taxi during the summer to take them to the village.  The first person they came upon in Gambatesa sent them to the house where Filomena Valente lived.  Because it was March 19th, St. Joseph's Day, Filomena's grandson Bartolomeo Mucci was there with his wife and children.

When Lydia asked to be shown the houses where her parents once lived, Donata Valente took her to see the house of Salvatore Valente and the former house of Nunziata DiRenzo's family; the people who were living at that house wanted Lydia to stay and have coffee with them.  But she had only the afternoon to be in Gambatesa; that evening she had to be back in Sorrento, and the drive was 4 hours each way.

At Filomena's house Lydia ate cavatelli, calzoni, traditional foods for St. Joseph's Day.

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