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Postcard photograph of Via Nazionale Appulo-Sannitica in Gambatesa

The original postcard image is titled Gambatesa - Viale Nazionale ("Avenue of the Nation").  Via Nazionale Appulo-Sannitica is also known as Via Nazionale Appula and Strada Statale No. 17 ("State Road No. 17").  It is the old road -- perhaps dating from Roman times -- between the provincial capital cities of Foggia and Campobasso.

[Old map showing Via Nazionale Appulo-Sannitica's route through Gambatesa from Campobasso to Foggia | Map showing the inhabited center of the village of Gambatesa]

This photograph looks from Gambatesa's Municipal Park (Largo Fontana) southwest toward the route to Campobasso.

Via Nazionale Appulo-Sannitica in Gambatesa, Italy, 50 KB

Immediately to the viewer's right in the photograph would be Largo Fontana, and beyond that Viale Vittorio Veneto which runs parallel to this length of Via Nazionale.

Image Source: photograph from the exhibition catalog "Gambatesa in Postcards, 2nd Photograph Exhibit", 9-20 August 1986, published by the Tourist Association "Pro Gambatesa".

Photograph courtesy of Orlando Abiuso, June 2004

Related pages: there is a photograph from 1960 of the house in the right foreground (Gambatesa under the snow), and another from August 2001 (Houses at the southwest corner of Largo Fontana).  There is also a photograph of Via Appulo-Sannitica looking from Largo Fontana toward the route to Foggia from August 2002.

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